St. Clair Ditches Badminton And Curling Sports Programs

The badminton and curling programs at St. Clair College have fallen victim to a tight sports budget.

The school made the announcement today.

The St. Clair College Department of Athletics has made the decision and notified the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association. (OCAA)

College Vice President Ron Seguin says many St. Clair College teams have been very successful.

"What comes with that is the stress on travel, hotels.  We're approaching $500,000 in expenditures this year, so we've had to take a look at what the mix of our teams looks like, where we're most competitive at the varsity level"

Seguin says money is a key factor, but they look at other factors.

"It's competition, our ability to compete in those sports.  Our ability to recruit high level athletes in those sports, where we're going to make investments to be competitive within the mix of our sporting teams, so there's a lot that goes into it"


St Clair College curling teams photographed before heading to Sault Ste. Marie to compete in the OCAA Championship, February 7, 2018 (Photo courtesy of @stclairsaints1 via Twitter)

Ted Andkilde, board member of the Windsor Badminton Club, has a son in the badminton program and admits this is emotional.

"My son was recruited by the school and actually chose to go to St. Clair College specifically because of their badminton program. It's a big disappointment for him, he's a nationally ranked player and he's been playing and practising for many years"

Seguin says the two sports chosen are tournament-based, so the decision doesn't impact OCAA schedules.

He adds badminton in particular is only available at 11 of the 26 colleges.