Standing Committee Wants More Information Before Deciding South Windsor Parking

The Standing Committee on Transportation and Safety wants more information before recommending a solution for parking congestion in part of South Windsor.

The very busy intersection at Northwood and Dominion Streets is the main focus.

The Windsor Mosque, Holy Names High School and Northwood Public School are all in that vicinity.

Because of parking congestion on their day of worship Friday, the mosque is asking for parking allowances from 11 AM to 4 PM.

Ward 10 Councillor Paul Borelli told listeners on the Lynn Martin Show on AM800, it would affect several residential streets in the neighborhood.

He says the request is driven by how busy the mosque becomes on Fridays with around 3500 people attending.

"They just want parking privileges, on the residential streets for that period of time during the day because of the number of people that are coming into the area to the mosque" says Borelli.

He says one recommendation in the Central Box Study aggravates the problem further by eliminating parking on Dominion to add bicycle lanes.

He expects the matter will be delayed at this week's meeting of the standing committee with a deferral until a more comprehensive study from administraion is completed.

Borelli says the streets most affected if the parking allowance were made are Mark, Everts, Curry, McKay and Longfellow.