State Of Emergency Remains For Chatham-Kent

Chatham-Kent remains under a State of Emergency.

Mayor Randy Hope says water levels are still not normal but are rescinding.

He says it was a scary feeling seeing the flooded areas.

"We're thankful number one that there was no ice jams in that melt in the river or it would have been even devastating," says Hope.  "Thankful for the fact there didn't had to be extensive rainfall and it's amazing how a natural disaster can occur in such a short period of time."     


Photo courtesy of CTV Windsor's Chris Campbell

Municipal official say the Thames River reached its peak at more than 5m around 9pm on Saturday.

The water level in Thamesville decreased by 1m after hitting its peak Saturday. 

In Chatham, the level dropped about 10cm as of Sunday.

More than a dozen people were rescued from their homes in Chatham. Some downtown business also reported flooding.


Photo courtesy of CTV Windsor's Chris Campbell

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority has downgraded the flood risk to areas in Lakeshore along the lower Thames River, including Lighthouse Cove.

It says there now appears to be little to no threat of flooding in these areas.

However, the high water levels continue as does the danger from fast flowing waters. 

Everyone is reminded to remain a safe distance back from the river banks.