Sterling Fuels Hit With Safety Violations

A list of close to 30 safety violations issued by the Windsor Fire and Rescue Service is being addressed by Sterling Fuels.

Those violations were posted at the company's Russell Street site this week.

The company's Corporate Director of Health, Safety and Environment, Joel Gardner describes the concerns as minor in nature.

He says none of them was of the kind that could be a significant fire risk.

"An example would be covers on fire extinguishers as one of them.  Things like that which we're closing out as we speak," says Gardner.

He says some of the violations were of a more administrative nature.

"Our fire safety plan, which we've had, we're making more comprehensive and reviewing some opportunities for improvement," says Gardner.

He says the result will eventually benefit the company and employees.

"There are issues that we're working through we're making significant improvements in how we address particular issues and in management overall.  That's a challenge we're working through but we'll be at a better place once we get there," says Gardner.

The notices were issued by the fire department after an inspection last week and the company has 30 days to comply.

Gardner says a consulting company has been hired to assist with the compliance.

Last March, employees at the fuel depot walked out citing safety concerns, but Gardner says that's not the kind of situation they're facing this time.