Stolen Car Leads Police on Hunt Across East Windsor

A 21-year-old Windsor man is charged after a car was stolen from the east side of the city.

A white Chrysler 200 was taken from Vimy Ave. near Lillian Ave. early last Friday morning. A couple of hours later the same vehicle was seen driving erratically in the area of Wyandotte St. E and Glidden Ave.

When police arrived they were able to get a description of the driver who then took off in a dangerous manner.

Because of heavy traffic and concern for public safety, officers did not engage in a chase.

The vehicle was spotted several more times before the driver was seen leaving a business near Wyandotte St. E and Moy Ave. where he was arrested — the vehicle was found in a nearby alley.

The driver is charged with theft of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen property, dangerous driving and failing to stop for police.