Stolen Jack Miner Documents Found At Yard Sale

The Jack Miner Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Kingsville has recovered a key piece of their history.

It's thanks to a yard saleing man who didn't know what he had bought.

Simeron Matijasevic brought a grocery bag to the sanctuary filled with documents and asked if they were interested. What he had purchased for $20 was a priceless piece of the history of Jack Miner.

Jack Miner Foundation Executive Director Mary Baruth says she didn't realize what it was at first, but says once she began to examine the documents, she was amazed.

"Many are in file folders and are labelled as to what's in each file folder. So they were taken right out off our files and we had an issue several years ago where we found out that Jack Miner's grandson who had been the director at the foundation — one of his grandsons — had  removed items" says Baruth.


Among stolen documents returned is a threatening letter to Jack Miner (courtesy Jack Miner Foundation)

She says the find will be turned into a special display to be unveiled at the Migration Festival in October.

"It tells you the history of early conservation in Canada," explains Baruth. "Issues that were facing everyone, there's letters from Premiers and all over North America. It's just a great thing, so we'll have that all ready to go in October."


Letter by Jack Miner found among returned documents (courtesy Jack Miner Foundation)

Among stolen documents returned is a threatening letter to Jack Miner.

Baruth says the man who bought the documents did not want compensation once he learned of the documents being removed without permission. Instead, Baruth gave him a real Jack Miner goose band and on Tuesday banded a Canada goose with Simeron's name inscribed on the inside.

He will also choose the bible verse for the 2018 commemorative bands later this year.