Strawberry Cleaners Needed In LaSalle

A call for volunteers is being put out to help clean strawberries ahead of this weekend's LaSalle Strawberry Festival.

Volunteers are being asked to meet Wednesday night at 6pm at the LaSalle Fire Service on Normandy St.

Festival Co-Chair, Crystal Meloche says any amount of time you can give would be great. Kids are welcome too.

"300 flats of strawberries have been ordered from Raymont's Berries in Cottam but they need to be hulled, cut-up and cleaned," says Meloche. "He always gives us awesome strawberries. They're amazing. I don't know if it's because they're local or freshly picked, but every year everyone tells us how good the strawberries are."

Meloche says they will be cleaning and cutting strawberries all weekend long. "In the past we used to cut our strawberries right in the beginning," she says. "We found they didn't keep as nicely, so we only cut a portion just to get the festival started but we have to hulll every single strawberry."

The LaSalle Strawberry Festival opens at 6pm this Thursday and runs until Sunday at Gil Maure Park on Front Rd.