Streamlined Service In LaSalle To Benefit Ratepayers

A change in how water bills will be handled in LaSalle is expected to mean some big savings for the town.

The town's Supervisor of Revenue Marilyn Abbruzzese says LaSalle will issue the first water and wastewater bill for residential customers in April.

Abbruzzese says the town is taking over the service and directly sending the water-and-wastewater bill to residents instead of Essex Powerlines.

She says the move is expected to result in about $100,000 in savings for the town annually through a more streamlined service.

"Just to have customers receive customer service from one source — the Town of LaSalle," says Abbruzzese.

Abbruzzese says residents can have the bills sent in the mail or register online through i-City-Online.

"Customers can sign up for that account and they would be receiving an e-doc directly to their iCity Online account," says Abbruzzese.

The bills will be issued every three months with the first one coming in April, followed by bills in July, October and then January 2018.

Rates are unchanged for 2017.

The first electric-only bill from Essex Powerlines in LaSalle will come in February while the final water/wastewater bill from the company is due January 27.