Street Help Looking For Help

The administrator at Street Help in Windsor is changing her tune.

As AM800 news reported a week ago, Christine Wilson-Furlonger said she was considering closing the drop-in centre for the homeless because the centre was drawing criticism from nearby businesses.

The homeless were storing their shopping carts and items near Street Help and some business owners complained it was hurting business.

Wilson Furlonger says the last 6-8 months have been difficult as she has tried to feed the homeless and do all of the administrative work--including addressing concerns from nearby business owners.

"I would love to see at least a team of people in the office, pulling everything together, keeping our t's crossed and i's dotted," she says.

Wilson-Furlonger says she does everything at the centre, and she needs people to do some of the administrative work.

"I said that day if this is going to keep going, I'm going to have to close down because if I have a nervous breakdown who is going to run it," she says. "It is a matter of fact, it is not a wish or what I want to do."

Wilson-Furlonger emphasizes she doesn't want Street Help to close, but "I need office people that know what they are doing, that want to be here and want to keep it clean and orderly."

Street Help has been in Windsor as a drop-in centre for homeless people for over 20 years offering coffee or a meal..and in the winter, it helps the homeless get out of the cold.

--With files from AM800's Peter Langille