Strike At Caesars Windsor Hits Day Four

Today is day four in the strike at Caesars Windsor with no talks planned in the near future.

Picket lines went up at 12:01am Friday after workers voted 59% against a tentative three-year deal with the casino.

Unifor Local 444. Local President James Stewart tells AM800 News pleas to renew talks have fallen on deaf ears.

"The issues that the members still wanted resolved, we've been putting that together and then we need to start pushing the casino to get back to the table, which we're trying to do. At this point they still don't have an interest in returning," he says."No matter what we need to sit down and make sure they hear what we need to get addressed and then ultimately the ball will be in their court at that point."

More than 2,300 workers are hoping for the best but planning for the worst, he added.

"Moral is still high on the picket line," says Stewart. "Our members have a strong mindset on what they want. I think the mood is good right now, but I don't think anybody wants to be on strike, they want to be working."

The last time workers at the casino went on strike in 2004 it took six-weeks before an agreement was reached.