Strike & Lockout Avoided At Sterling Fuels

A tentative deal has been reached between Unifor Local 444 and Sterling Fuels.

Local 444 President James Stewart says the deal was reached on Tuesday around 10pm.

He says the membership was in a legal strike position as of March 2 but the company could have locked out the work force as of 12:00am on Wednesday.

Stewart says the union and the company have been talking for the past couple of days.

"We had been bargaining steady since we finished the agreements with the feeder four trying to resolve our differences," says Stewart.  "At the end of the day the president of Sterling Fuels came to Windsor and we spent the day bargaining."    


The Sterling Fuels location in Windsor is seen in this photo on March 9, 2017. (Photo by John Hutton)

Stewart says the 17 workers have many responsibilities.

"They fuel the barrages," says Stewart.  "They fuel the boats.  They take asphalt and different types of fuel off barrages and ship it by train and truck to different places across the country."     

Stewart says a date for a ratification meeting has not been set but believes it will take place over the weekend.