Striking Lakeshore Workers to Show Sportsmanship

Striking part-time facility attendants in Lakeshore will be showing some good sportsmanship for Tuesday's Provincial Junior Hockey League playoff game.

The Lakeshore Canadiens take a 3-0 series lead over the Essex 73s in the Stobbs Division Final tonight at 7pm at the Atlas Tube Centre.

21 members of IBEW Local 636 went on strike last week to back contract demands which includes wages on par with other facility attendants in Windsor-Essex.

IBEW Local 636 Business Rep Christie Armstrong says they don't plan on holding anyone up going to the game, because their issue is with town council, not the public.

"We don't anticipate holding anybody up," she says.  "We just have a pamphlet that we want to hand them as they're entering the facility, couple words, answer some questions if they have any and let them be on their way."

Armstrong says IBEW members acknowledge that people going to the arena are families.

"We are having a different type of picket line because this facility has fans and parents and children coming to watch a game and so we don't want to hold them up, like we normally would on a picket line."

The part-time attendants were certified in February 2018 and this would be their first collective agreement.

No new talks are planned.