Strong Community Response To Kingsville School

There's been plenty of public input on a proposed new junior kindergarten to grade 12 school in Kingsville.

The Greater Essex County District School Board has received more than 360 responses, making recommendations on everything from programming to the building itself.

Trustee Julia Burgess says nearly half of the responses call for skilled trades programming. "They need their space and they need dedicated space, so I'm happy to see that and I'm not surprised, but I'm delighted, let's put it that way. I am absolutely delighted that 172 respondents indicated that need because it does reflect, I think, what the community sees and that's a very, very highly valued program."

Burgess says she'll be pushing for a greenhouse. "This is one area that is a growth industry. It offers so much opportunity in so many different areas."

The site for the school has not yet been chosen.

The proposal calls for more than 1,000 elementary and nearly 800 high school spaces.

The new school will include students who now attend Kingsville District High School, Jack Miner Public School and Kingsville Public School, as well as students from Harrow Public School, once they graduate from elementary school.