Strong Start To 2017 For Port Of Windsor

The Port of Windsor is reporting a strong start for 2017.

Total traffic for the first seven months of this year is up 20%.

Outgoing shipments of grain are up 36%, and salt are up 32% from last year.

Imports of steel have jumped nearly 25% as well.

Windsor Port Authority President and CEO David Cree says the port had nowhere to go but up this year, but he didn't expect it to be by this much.

"We had a bit of a down year last year.  We expected this year to be a little bit better but we certainly hadn't expected an almost 20% increase at this point," says Cree.

He attributes the jump to several factors.

"It was a fairly snowy, cold winter, not in this area, but in other regions further north in the Great Lakes," says Cree.  "There's been a lot of salt movement to municipalities around the seaway system to replenish their piles. Grain shipments are way up from last year and steel imports have been very strong."

He says there's still plenty of year left, but it's a safe bet 2017 is going to be a vast improvement from 2016.

"I think the stats should remain quite good for the rest of the year," says Cree.  "Whether they're quite as impressive as they are at the moment, I can't say for sure, but I think  at this point we're certainly going to have a better year."

Cree says construction aggregates and petroleum products are on par with last year's totals.

With files from AM800's Peter Langille