Student Transportation Services Defends Decision To Run School Buses

The Windsor-Essex Student Transportation Services is defending a decision to run school buses.

Some Essex County town councillors are questioning the decision based on the road conditions, especially in the county.

Speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, Transportation Services General Manager Gabrielle McMillen says there were 21 spotters out Wednesday morning all over the city and county from six different companies and McMillen says she didn't get a call.

"They check the side roads, they check the routes going to the schools and if they think it is iffy, they call me and we have some discussion and I have to tell you this morning I didn't have a call which meant they were comfortable right from the start," says McMillen.

She says at that time between 5:30am and 5:45am, the drive was slow, but visibility was good.

McMillen points out the problem was, it kept snowing.

She says some criteria is met to make the call.

"They are looking at things like visibility, drifting and whether there are plows and the salt trucks have been out which they were this morning when the operators were checking. I think the issue today was once they made the call, obviously it kept snowing."

There were two school buses involved in crashes this morning--no one was hurt.