Student Trustees Want Civic Class Updated

Students trustees with the Greater Essex County District School Board are heading up an effort to educate their fellow classmates.

Colton Allen and Elisa Quaggiotto are pushing to have school boards and the roles they play added to the Grade 10 Civics class curriculum. The pair believe far too many students don't realize the effect decisions made by the board can have on them.

Allen says the change may lead to more students getting involved.

"To improve our students ability to change education for the better or know exactly how things are done in the board, one big thing is to know how we can make change for the better of the students and the board and if they see that then more students will apply for the position," says Allen.

Quaggiotto says student trustees need to make sure students are informed.

"Education is the key to open doors for our students especially in relation to student voice and that coming back to the board," says Quaggiotto. "So, by getting that conversation started, it's important to create that dialog."

The board has agreed to look into adding a school board unit to its curriculum. There's a similar push by student trustees with the Peel District School Board.