Student Volunteers Thanked For Helping Out

More than two dozen impressive young people in Windsor Essex have been thanked for their volunteering.

The Rotary Club of Windsor 1918 has presented them with awards for their activities.

It's the 19th year for the Dr. Clare R. MacLeod Secondary School Volunteer Awards.

Miracle Ini-Abasi attends Academie Ste. Cecile and enjoys giving her time.

"I really enjoy seeing just the smile on people's faces when you're doing something for other people.  And I also like the feeling that it gives to me knowing that  I'm helping other people in the community who may not be able to help themselves."

Jessica Rindlisbacher goes to Assumption and has fun helping younger kids.

"I am the president of my chapter of best buddies  and so that's definitely my favorite thing to do.  Just seeing those kids how much they have been able to grow and develop over the past four years has been the most rewarding thing in my high school career."


Mohamad Ghosn, Dr. Clare MacLeod volunteer awards, May 27, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

Mohamad Ghosn is a student at Ecole Secondaire de Lamothe-Cadillac and likes giving back to younger kids.

"I do summer camps, I really enjoy being with the kids helping out, leading activities and it gives me joy like I like to spend time.  I like being able to participate with everything going on."

The student award winners came from every part of the city and county.