Successful Community Improvement Plan For Downtown Windsor

So far so good for the Downtown Windsor Enhancement Strategy and Community Improvement Plan.

On Monday the city's Planning Advisory Committee received an overview of the program which was launched earlier this year.

The committee heard the estimated investment being made in the downtown core to date is more than $59-million. 

There are also 179 new residential units being proposed and seven new store front units.

Committee chair Bill Marra says the plan has made a difference.

"It's a classic example of where municipal government can play an meaningful role around a policy that really opens up and opportunity for the private sector to invest," says Marra.    

He adds there are still more applications in the pipe lines.

"It really is touching a lot of different sectors and there's a lot of different projects that are not only taking advantage of existing infrastructure, it's creating some new opportunities too," says Marra.   

The outlook also showed the city has an increased assessment of $27 million.