Successful Week For Transit Windsor's Special Events Bus

So far so good for Transit Windsor's new tunnel bus drop off location near Little Caesars Arena.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says transit has been dropping off riders this week for the Kid Rock concerts.

He says the drop off location and pick up spot are just steps away from the new arena complex.

"The arena right there, right in sight.  It's a closer distance then what they had to walk to travel to Joe Louis."    

He says he's pleased with how the first few nights have gone.

"This is really a great test period for us to evaluate the routing that we put in place.  We worked closely with the City of Detroit with regards to our pick up and drop location.

Transit Windsor will continue to monitor the drop off and pick up location.

"What we're going to be doing is sitting back over the next number of months and evaluating the whole traffic flow before and after events to see how best to accommodate any future tunnel bus routing," he says. "But for the time being all of our events will be handled from the same location for any event at Little Caesars Arena, we're very pleased with it."  

The Kid Rock concerts are the first event at Little Caesars Arena, which opened earlier this week.

Delmore says Transit Windsor will be providing transportation to Pistons and Red Wing games as well as concerts and other events happening at the arena complex.