Suicide Prevention Week Kicks Off With A Song

A group of local musicians are shedding a light on suicide prevention with a song.

Ashley Vodarek is one of the artists who wrote the original song 'I'm Here' for the launch of Suicide Prevention Awareness Week.

She says it's a very personal story.

"It was almost five years ago now that I had my own suicide attempt and it was because of help and taking a step and calling out to people who are around you to get that treatment and that support that you need and then going into care and receiving mental health help for those challenges."

She hopes her story of struggling with suicide can help others. "Sometimes song can be the most amazing way to express something," says Vodarek. "Just for someone to know that they are not alone and that there are people here and that if you stick around it's really a beautiful life. You can have treatment and find help and keep on going and keep on living."

She says music is often the best way to tell a story.

"For me, the song speaks to my own thoughts about suicide and panic attacks and the people that were there to say, 'I'm here'. The song is meant to tell people they are not alone in a way we hope is relatable to everyone whether you're going through it yourself or supporting someone else."

Vodarek and her fellow artists will perform the song at the 3rd annual 'Cainerfest' this coming Saturday, September 16 to wrap up Suicide Prevention Awareness Week.

The event takes place at Average Joes Sports Bar with all the proceeds going to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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