Sun And Snow For Windsor-Essex

April showers are about to make way for a little April snow in Windsor-Essex.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says we can expect 1 to 2 cm tonight and even more in areas to the east. "North of Toronto, a few centimetres, maybe 5 to 10 cm up in the Barrie area, and anybody going to Algonquin Park, we have a snowfall warning there. So a lot of snow towards the northeast but for the Windsor area maybe a centimetre or two at best."

"The next few days will be a roller coaster," says Kimbell. "We have the temperature climbing back to above seasonal, in fact well above seasonal by the end of the weekend. 13C on Saturday, 17C on Sunday and then 20C on Monday. However it won't last too long because by next weekend, Easter weekend, we should be back into cold weather again. So really quite a roller coaster these days."