Support For An Improved Flood Subsidy Program In Windsor

A couple of Windsor city councillors appear to be throwing their support behind an improved flood subsidy program.

On Thursday, Mayor Drew Dilkens said council will get to see the plan for an expanded program which will cover 100%, or up to $2,800, of the cost of installing a sump pump and backwater valve in a home.

Prior to this, the city would pick up 80% of the cost.

As of 11am, the city's 311 call centre had received 4,593 reports of basement flooding.

Speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, Ward 1 Councillor Fred Francis expects most of council will be on board.

"The mayor, during his press conference yesterday did offer a few ideas and a few of them will come to council on Tuesday and I think they will be supported unanimously or close to it," says Francis.


Windsor city councillor Fred Francis attends the Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee meeting on July 19, 2017. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

He hopes residents are ready to take advantage.

"Come Tuesday, when it is supported by council, I would encourage people to call 311 and take advantage of that because if you want to put in a sump pump and put in a backwater valve it will be free for you if council supports that subsidization," says Francis.

Ward 3 Councillor Rino Bortolin says there are steps that residents can take to mitigate flooding.

"It is your property in the end, right? So I mean the city can do its best and this is an issue we all take seriously, but I think there is a responsibility of residents to participate in that.," says Bortolin.

Bortolin says the city needs to take a wider look at the issue of climate change and its impact on infrastructure and consider things such as tree planting, rain gardens and rain barrels.


Ward 3 Councillor Rino Bortolin. (AM800 file photo)