Support Staff Strike Addressed After Catholic School Board Meeting

It's day 10 of the strike by support staff at the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.

No new talks are planned but the labour dispute was addressed by reporters after last night's school board meeting.

Director of Education, Paul Picard hopes things change soon. "We are hopeful that the conciliator will found common ground here to get the parties back to to the bargaining table."

The local President of Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, Brian Hogan, says he's being contacted by parents who frustrated that teachers are being held-up at the picketline, leaving a lack of supervision in the schools. "It's not our labour dispute but we're getting phone calls from moms and dads asking about why aren't they in the classroom, I said because there's a picket line, they'll get in the classroom when they get through the picket line.  Again, the school board is giving out my cell number, it's a diversion.  The idea is no you take the calls Mr. Picard, call your trustees."


Credit photo: Villanova students gather at the local catholic school board office to voice concerns about the strike. (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Jake Alkhouri is the Deputy Prime Minister at Villanova High School and says the strike is taking a toll on students. "I just want to say it's a very confusing time at the moment. So many issues that need to be addressed are not being spoken about and the situation is limiting my ability to thrive in such a wonderful community such as LaSalle. I am positive that it has done the same for other Catholic high schools."

Alkhouri says students are growing increasingly frustrated but aren't taking Ssides in the dispute.

He's urging them to stay positive.