Surveillance Van Nets Nearly 300 Charges For Windsor Police

A distracted driving blitz in Windsor has ended up with close to 300 charges laid against drivers.

Called "Project Dialtone" the 4-day blitz was aimed at using a unique surveillance technique to spot people using their devices while driving.

Constable Andrew Drouillard says it's been turned into a video that's posted on social media with 20,000 views already.

"What that was was just enforcement on distracted driving and in particular cell phone use, so that's what our first episode was.  It's getting a lot of traction on social media so we're happy about that"

Constable Drouillard says the main piece was a van with tinted windows.

"We had traffic officers that were following the van and there was an officer in the back seat looking for individuals that were on their hand held devices and he would call out the information to traffic enforcement officers that would eventually pull them over and have a discussion with them about being on their device"

Drouillard says the blitz ended up with a significant number of charges laid.

"We have totals from our 4-day initiative last week and they did issue 114 cell phone infractions and 184 other HTA or Provincial Stature Enforcement Offences"

Constable Drouillard says it's a technique they'll likely use again in the future, but not on a regular basis.

The traffic enforcement video produced from the blitz is one of a series being used to inform the public about the roles various members of the Windsor Police Service perform.