Survey Claims Dangerous Driving Is An Issue In Construction Zones

Ontario drivers are not aware of their dangerous driving behaviour near construction zones.

That's the result of a new survey by the Ontario Road Builders Association.

The group is launching a campaign, prompting Ontarians to recognize their own risky driving habits.

Chief Operating Officer at ORBA Geoff Wilkinson says there's a laundry list of dangerous driving habits.

"People speeding through construction zones, there's a failure to merge when we have lanes coming together as one, people aren't being considerate and letting other people in. We're also experiencing signs of road rage. People are upset about construction, things sometimes get ugly in construction zones."

Wilkinson says a recent incident on Tecumseh Rd. resulted in an arrest after a driver ignored a traffic control person's command to stop.

"There was an opportunity for the person to turn around and take an alternative route. That person decided not to turn around and decided to wait. They got a little impatient. Despite the traffic control person saying they can't enter the construction zone, they went ahead and entered anyway. That put all kinds of workers at risk."

He says, drivers need to realize just because workers aren't in plain sight, it doesn't mean they're not around.

"Our workers are now working weekends, they work right through the night, they've got long stretches of highways that they may be working on. Just because they're not within a section of highway that you're driving on within a construction zone, doesn't mean they're not there."

The survey finds nine out of 10 Ontarians have witnessed dangerous driving behaviours from other drivers in construction zones, such as speeding, failing to merge and texting while driving.