Survey Results Back Call For Improvements to Long-Term Care Homes

The plight of long term care in Ontario is weighing heavily on Ontario residents who want to see the Ford government force private operators to invest more.

According to a new survey by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), 92% of the 800 voters polled, want to see better conditions in these homes in communities across the province.

Speaking on the Afternoon News, SEIU Healthcare President Sharleen Stewart says the numbers speak volumes. 

"Those are pretty strong numbers which certainly indicate that we have the right message here and the right concern about the crisis in care."

She says people want action from the Ontario government.

"Ask those millionaires and CEOs who are running the companies to turn some of their profits back into the frontline care so there are taxpayers dollars going in, agree 100%, but he has to force these companies who are making profits to invest some of their own profits into the frontline care."

Stewart adds Ontarians are concerned about this issue.

"There is chronic understaffing that has a huge effect on safety for the caregivers and the residents in there and it certainly without a doubt impacting the dignified quality of life that these residents are experiencing as well."

The union represents more than 60,000 frontline healthcare workers in Ontario and representatives have met with the Minister of Health to discuss the issue.

The survey also indicates that 85% of people believe the Ontario government should force long-term care homes to invest more of their profits into frontline care.