Survey Shows Canadians Want Companies to Maintain Jobs in Canada to Receive Government Assistance

Most Canadians believe companies need to make a legal commitment to keeping jobs in Canada before receiving financial assistance from the government.

A new Nanos Research survey commissioned by CTV News shows that nine in 10 Canadians agreed or somewhat agreed when asked whether or not "companies should have to accept a legal commitment to main a certain number of jobs in Canada for a certain number of years before accepting government financial assistance?"


Carl Dillmam, who has worked at the General Motors plant for 37 years sits with union members in Oshawa, Ontario, on November 26, 2018. (LARS HAGBERG/AFP/Getty Images)

CTV paid for the survey after General Motors announced in November it was shutting down the Oshawa plant later this year affecting more than 2500 workers.

Back in 2009, the federal government loaned the auto maker $10.8 billion to help keep GM afloat as it faced insolvency.

The loan had a condition that the company would have to maintain its Canadian operations for six years.

- with files from CTV News