Swabbing Clinic Overwhelming Success

There are over a 1,000 potential bone marrow donors for Windsor's Madalayna Ducharme.

A clinic at the University of Windsor saw 288 new names added to the list, bringing the total to 1,018.

A series of swabbing clinics held across Windsor in honour of Ducharme have been extremely successful.

Five-month-old Madalayna Ducharme has been diagnosed with Infantile Osteoporosis, a condition that requires she get a bone marrow stem cell transplant. The disorder is ultimately fatal.

Over the past few weeks several clinics have been held, staffed by volunteers from the Katelyn Bedard Bone Marrow Association.

Joanne Bedard is secretary with the association and says the response is overwhelming at the clinic held at the university today. She points out they registered 400 people through all of 2016 and have added more than 1,000 this year already.

Bedard says this is in honour of Madalayna, but the registry is available across Canada and gives 800 people needing the stem cell match new hope.

Mikayla Prybyla is in the Human Kinetics program at the university and felt she wanted to help: "we had somebody in our class come up and tell us about the need that there's a 5-month-old child in the area, it's really important to me to help other people out when they need it and if I can do that for somebody I'd really like to"

Bedard says they plan a few more smaller clinics for other people to be swabbed to be on the registry.