Syrian Canadians Protest Closed Jordanian Borders

More than 50 people gathered outside Windsor's city hall Thursday to protest the death toll in Syria.

A recent offensive in an ongoing civil war has displaced up to 330,000 people including 60,000 that have fled toward the sealed border with Jordan, according to statements to CTV News from the United Nations.

The Jordanian borders have been sealed for some time and with people exposed to 45C temperatures Mohamad Al-hamoud says time is running out.

"All these people are just here to help their friends, their family in Syria so they don't get killed," he says.

The 15-year-old Syrian — who came to Canada two years ago — says everyone at the protest has some family holding out along the border in hopes of entering a refugee camp.

"Two uncles and all these people have family, friends, brothers, sisters, all kinds of relatives and they're just trying to help all of these people," says Al-hamoud. "They're just trying to help their families in Syria."

A UN representative tells CTV News at least 12 children, two women, and one elderly man died in areas close to the Jordanian border due to scorpion bites, dehydration and water-borne diseases over the past week.

Al-hamoud tells AM800 News the international community has to put pressure on Jordan to let people cross its borders. "There are people on the borders of Jordan and Jordan's not allowing them to get in," he says. "They're not safe on the border."

Jordan, which is already hosting at least 660,000 Syrian refugees, has resisted pressure to open the border, saying it cannot take in any more.