Take Care Of Yourself: The Message On World Kidney Day

The local chapter of the Kidney Foundation of Canada wants people to take care of their kidneys.

 A booth at Windsor Regional Hospital's Ouellette Campus aimed to raise awareness about the symptoms which are often silent.

500 people in Windsor-Essex have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and are supported by the program at Windsor Regional Hospital.   About 400 are on dialysis.

Nephrologist Dr. Amit Bagga says diabetes and high blood pressure are leading causes.

"So it is a silent condition when it is mild or moderate," he says. "When it is very advanced, then you have issues such as fluid retention, shortness of breath or chest pains and many of them are non-specific or vague."

Although the exact cause of CKD isn't known, people can lower the risk as there is no cure for kidney disease.

"Controlling blood pressure, controlling blood sugars, controlling cholesterol, taking the right medications for your kidneys to slow down the progression, avoiding bad medications, a common one is the anti-inflammatories, we have to be very careful with those, those are used very liberally."

Darbara Hebert was diagnosed with kidney disease while she was undergoing chemotheraphy for breast cancer.  She does her dialysis at home for nine hours while she is sleeping.

"I myself was almost ignorant with dialysis," she says. "I figured first of all you had to be old to go on it and second of all, you had to be diabetic and none of that is true."

Hebert says for her, the diagnosis came out of the blue as she had no pain or symptoms.

Today is World Kidney Day and March is Kidney Health Month.

One in ten Canadians has kidney disease.