Talks Continue At The Windsor Star As Strike Deadline Looms

Talks continue as a strike deadline looms at the Windsor Star.

Both sides returned to the table this week as workers could potentially walk off the job at 12:01am on May 5th.

Chair person of the joint council of unions, Julie Kotsis says it's been an extremely tough round of talks.

"We're still at it, our deadline is Friday at midnight and we are hoping to get a collective agreement before then," says Kotsis. "If not, obviously the worst case scenario is a strike or lockout but at this point, talks are continuing. It hasn't been easy, we still have a lot of issues on the table."

She says the main issue is concessions the employer has tabled including cuts to pension plans, cuts to benefits and vacation time.

Kotsis feels members have made more than enough concessions, "of course I can't get into any specifics of what we're actually doing but certainly we have and we're looking at how far we can go and still be fair to our members," she says. "At the end of the day our members have to look at what we negotiate and they have to approve it. If the cuts are too deep then we may have an issue with that."

The Council of Unions represents 180 employees who earned a 1% wage hike over the last seven years.

The collective agreement expired 16 months ago and workers voted 97% in favour of a strike.



— with files from AM800's Kristylee Varley