Tax Increase Expected In LaSalle

LaSalle residents can most likely expect a tax increase next year.

Mayor Ken Antaya says town staff will be presenting its preliminary 2018 budget outlook this evening to council, and says administration is proposing a 2.94% tax hike.

Antaya says administration has done a good job with the preliminary outlook.

"When you start taking a look at this, I think that they sort of built it up to let us know where the expenses are and right off the bat when you lost your dispatching from Amherstburg for example, that's a one percent increase."

Antaya says council will try to trim the increase.

"I think they've done a good job and basically they laid it out and said to council, if you want to continue operating the town the way you're operating, this is what we need but we're giving you the information to make the appropriate decision."

Antaya says administration has stated if the town wants to continue operating like it has, the increase is needed.

Budget deliberations are set for early December, and he expects the budget to be finalized sometime in January.

Residential property owners saw an average tax increase of 3.8% for 2017 but a zero percent increase on the municipal tax rate.