Taxpayers Federation Takes Satirical Swipe At Wynne Liberals

A big cube truck with the smiling face of Ontario's Premier on the side, likely won't make her smile.

The "Kathleen Wynne Moving Company" van is a satirical tour put together by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

The van and CTF Ontario director Christine Van Geyn made a stop on Windsor's riverfront today.


CTF Ontario director Christine Van Geyn (by AM800's Peter Langille)

She says they're hoping to draw attention to policies that hurting business and making affordability a problem for families

Van Geyn says increasing electricity bills, cap and trade carbon tax that's adding to the cost of fuel, the dramatic increase in the minimum wage that businesses haven't budgeted for in the next year and corporate welfare that creates an uneven playing field make it hard to compete.

She says people are clearly responding to their message.

"The reaction has been amazing, we have people high-fiveing us in Tim Hortons, we have people who have followed us off the highway because they want a picture of the truck" said Van Geyn. " Everywhere we're going people are honking and waving and wanting to take photos of the truck, it's been a lot of fun."

She says the Liberals may be able to dismiss criticism, but this won't be so easy when the truck is parked in front of the Queen's Park legislature building in toronot on Monday.

The CTF is clear they aren't supporting any political party, but are calling on all parties to develop policies to solve these issues.