Tea Party Drummer Wants Windsor to Host the Juno Awards

A member of the Tea Party band is pushing for Windsor to host the Juno Awards in the future.

Drummer Jeff Burrows believes Windsor's Colosseum has what it takes to host the show which recognizes Canadian music talent.

"Windsor obviously has so  much to offer," he told listeners on AM800's the Morning Drive. "I know that the first thing that the Juno executives or whomever the governing body is will be the first to say that we don't have the proper size venue."

Burrows believes one of the challenges is the Juno Awards need a 10,000 seat capacity facility, while the Colosseum has a capacity of about half that size. 

He thinks the Colosseum with its amazing sound system and production would pull off a great show.

"I don't quite necessarily buy that," he says.  "When you are looking at creating a show, especially for television, I mean the show itself when you are an audience member, there are a lot of slow points, so it is not really about the attendees, other than the performances and so on."

London's  Budweiser Gardens is hosting the Juno Awards this coming weekend.

The @TheJUNOAwards should REALLY consider coming to #Windsor #Ontario in the near future. @CaesarsWindsor would blow any production across the country out of the water! How can I help?! #YQG @CBCWindsor @am800cklw @CTVWindsor @TheWindsorStar @BlackburnEssex pic.twitter.com/ROTZnQOfwf

— Jeff Burrows (@Burrowsdrums) March 12, 2019