Teachers Union Concerned Over Yanking Sex Ed Curriculum

The new provincial government's plan to eliminate the new sex-ed curriculum and revert to the 1990's era teaching has one teachers' union concerned.

Premier Doug Ford has announced his government will make that change effective this fall.

The President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation says it will leave kids unprepared for the world of 2018.

Speaking on the Lynn Martin Show, Harvey Bischof says it will leave kids poorly prepared to enter the world of secondary school.

"Students would be coming to secondary schools without the foundational knowledge that they should have within this curriculum and just not be prepared for what they should be learning in high school"

Bischof says the world has changed dramatically since the previous curriculum was written.

"20 year old curriculum that doesn't talk about consent, that doesn't talk about the cyber world in which kids live now.  It just doesn't prepare kids to live in a healthy way or a safe way"

He says the curriculum needs to be based on evidence of effectiveness.

"What actually works to keep kids safe and healthy and the fact is, a proper sex-ed curriculum has been demonstrated over and over again to contribute to those things.  Kids are safer and healthier when they have that knowledge, not when that knowledge is hidden from them"

Bischof points out the policy that's being eliminated was arrived at after exhaustive consultations with parents and teachers.