Technology Being Installed In Ford Annex Plant Ensures Longevity

The technology being installed by Ford at the Annex engine plant in Windsor is "next generation."

The computer controlled machining equipment, or CNC, is adaptable to more than the one engine they plan to build.

Ford Windsor Operations Site Manager Tony Savoni says the flexibility is built in from the start and that ensures a long life for the operation just off Seminole St.

Savoni says there's new technology inside the equipment they're installing. "It gives you a lot of flexibility and that's good for us, because this whole plant, that whole other side is full of CNC's and I've watched them now re-tool the CNC to go from making a head to machining a block."

"The variety of what they could build is almost unlimited," says Savoni. "The engine line has all the smarts to be extremely flexible as far as, I think right now we'll have anywhere from 13 to 20 different engine codes on there."

Savoni sees this as a generational investment in Windsor, much like when he was involved in setting up the Triton engine line. "It's pretty neat to see it go from that era to see new product again 30 years later, right.  So the good news is the company's invested in us and people are proud."

Savoni says the CNC machines allow the plant to upgrade or re-tool quickly to make future engine product.

He says they're on track with the block, crank and rod lines going in from March to April. The crank line, the head line and the assembly line starts arriving in about July.