Tecumseh Going Ahead With $3-million Splash Pad Plan

The Town of Tecumseh is answering a call for splash pads throughout the community.

Council has approved a $3-million, five year plan to install three of the water attractions at Lakewood Park, McAuliffe Park and St. Mary's Park.

Councillor Brian Houston says he thinks a lot of fellow councillors can understand why they're going ahead.

"A question that always comes up from residents, when are we going to get splash pads?" he says. "So certainly happy to see the report come forward. The plan is now for three sites within the municipality and St. Mary's going in next year."

Houston says the splash pads will be nice additions to the municipality.

"Who doesn't love a splash pad? I've got two little girls. We all have kids. Hot days and the weather that we have it's great to get outside, great to be out amongst the rest of the community. Belle River, Windsor, Amherstburg, ones that I've visited myself and nice to know that we have something now like this in our own backyard."

The pads will be spread across the municipality.

"We're pretty excited," says Huston. "Happy to see the report come forward. I think it's something that people want to see in their backyard. I think the locations are perfect. We have one in the south, one in McAuliffe Park, a beautiful, large park and then Lakewood Park. So I think they're well situated."

The splash pad at St. Mary's Park will be the smallest of three at 2,500-square-feet.

It'll be the first to go up sometime next year at a cost of $200,000.

The Lakewood Park splash pad carries a price tag of $2.1-million while the McAuliffe Park pad will cost $700,000.