Tecumseh Launches Business Satisfaction Survey

A first for the Town of Tecumseh.

Manager of Strategic Initiatives Lesley Racicot says the municipality has launched a town-wide business satisfaction survey.

She says the town is polling more than 850 businesses.

"I know our businesses range from small businesses to large businesses and they may have different needs and different expectations," says Racicot.   

Racicot says the survey focuses on town interactions, services, events as well transit, employment and future expansion. 

She adds the town has working on the survey for a couple of months. 

"It's taken sometime of course because we needed to find out all of our town businesses and that's a little time consuming," says Racicot.  "But I also wanted to have some discussions with other departments within the Town of Tecumseh, our planning department, our public works department and our clerks office."

Racicot says the survey was sent electronically to all businesses on Wednesday.

Businesses have until June 30th to respond.