Tecumseh Looks To Add Gateway Signs Along The 401

The Town of Tecumseh is looking to add gateway signs along the 401.

It set aside $130,000 for the project and the tender came in under budget at just over $90,000.

The signs and landscaping would go up at North Talbot and at Manning Rd to promote the community for drivers along the highway, similar to the Lakeshore signs along the 401.

"It is more than just a sign, it is more of a landscaping feature," says Tecumseh town councillor Andrew Dowie.  "It will be lit, a little bit of garden to it, and it is one that will show off the pride of the town."

He says this has been a two year process.

"You need to have permission from the Ministry of Transportation, you need to submit the appropriate engineering plans because you have to consider the structural integrity of the overpass and the earth that is acting as a retaining wall."

Council is expected to vote on the issue at Tuesday's town council meeting.

If approved tonight, Dowie expects the signs would go up sometime later this year or next year.

With files from AM800's Zander Broeckel