Tecumseh Mayor Curious About Highway 3 Buckling

Tecumseh's mayor is wondering what is going on with Highway 3.

For the second time in less than a year, the highway buckled, causing a major crack in the roadway.

The most recent took place on Sunday on Highway 3 between Malden Rd. and Ellis Side Rd. forcing a detour around the area.

In a release issued by the OPP on Sunday, heat was to blame.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says the highway was built to MTO standards and questions what the future holds with global warming.

He admits the crack caught him off guard.

"I was a bit surprised that you would see that in the area with the concrete. Asphalt you can see it getting soft and I know with concrete, if you put heat like a torch on top of concrete, it will pop," he says.  "We certainly have to look at the composition of that material and also with what the future hold for our area as temperatures continue to rise and have these unexpected sweltering heats."

McNamara also wants to know if enough space was built into the roadway to allow it to expand in the heat.

McNamara says thankfully, no one was hurt or driving by at the time of the crack causing a crash.

The roadway re-opened on Monday.

--With files from AM800's Peter Langille