Tecumseh Mayor Vows to Maintain Momentum

The mayor in Tecumseh is hoping to maintain the momentum the town has been seeing heading into the new year.

Gary McNamara calls 2018 a "good year" given the surplus in its budget and a resurgence of investments in town.

He says there is currently between $140 and $150-million worth of investments on the books including condo and town home developments, commercial developments and expansions in Oldcastle.

But he points out the grey clouds in 2019 could be coming from the provincial government and grants that are handed to municipalities.

McNamara is worried about the funding the town currently receives from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Funding (or OCIF) which totals more than a million dollars per year to the town.

"The OCIF money for 2019 and 2020 is still there and that's just over a million dollars per year," he says. "It would be a tremendous hit to the municipality on many of the projects that are in the hopper."

McNamara also points out the town has invested $3.5-million in its storm and sanitary systems and about 800 residents have taken advantage of the town's flood mitigation program for backflow valves and sump pits/sump pumps.


— With files from AM800's Gord Bacon