Tecumseh Playground Fire Being Called 'Devastating'

With damage estimated at more than $400,000, Tecumseh's Director of Parks and Recreation says it'll likely be next year before the playground at Lacasse Park is replaced.

Paul Anthony is calling the fire at the playground a "devastating blow to the community".

Tecumseh Fire crews were called to the park just before 6pm Tuesday to find flames as high as eight feet and thick black smoke coming from the equipment.

Anthony says the park is a popular spot.

"It's a big loss. That park is heavily used by a lot of the neighbours and youth in the schools and, unfortunately, at this time of year we still have had good weather. So it was still being heavily used and we won't be able to replace that until sometime next year."


Equipment left burnt after fire in Lacasse Park in Tecumseh (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

He says the equipment was fully accessible as well.

"That playground equipment was unique. It was a partnership with the Rotary Club a number of years ago and it's very well used and quite an amenity in that park. We'll certainly make sure that it's back up and running for next spring as quick as we can to ensure the families have a place to go and equipment to use."


Rubber flooring is destroyed after fire in Lacasse Park in Tecumseh (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Anthony adds, the play structure is a complete write off.

"It appears that it won't be salvageable. The slides and all the plastic equipment certainly has been burnt. The rubberized flooring certainly has to be torn out and a lot of the steel structure has been charred and as quick as possible we'll have it removed so it isn't a danger to any member of the public."

Following the fire, a youth was detained at the scene by Tecumseh OPP.

The investigation continues.