Tecumseh Puts Boundary Changes On Hold

Proposed ward changes in Tecumseh are on hold.

The town hired a consultant last year to look at the existing ward boundaries and a proposal was put together to shift the boundaries to better distribute voter numbers.

But Councillor Bill Altenhof says after some push back from residents, he believes the proposed plan needs to be improved. "You're looking at many numbers and trying your best to balance them all at once. It's tedious, it's time consuming and sometimes makes you pull your hair out, but the reality is, if you can hammer everything down as best as possible I think everyone will be happy."

"It's also important to maintain the historical boundaries of each ward," says Altenhof. "It might seem like a street here, a street there, we're going to divide this up. Why is it important? Again, it goes back to the guiding principles associated with this whole boundary review process. One important aspect of that was to try to maintain the history and the feeling that people have in these various wards."

Altenhof will meet with town administration today to go over the finer details of his proposal.

The new option is expected to be discussed at the new town council meeting.