Tecumseh Residents Happy With Town Despite Flooding

The majority of residents in Tecumseh feel like their getting a good bang for their buck.

A recent citizen satisfaction survey found 98% of people were satisfied overall with the town.

Mary Agnes Welch with Probe Research says people are happy despite identifying flooding as the biggest concern in 2017.

"That doesn't seem to have really put a damper on some of those really strong numbers which is a bit surprising. I think, when a town goes through something like that, two instances of flooding that are that serious, you'd think it would have some impact on how people feel about the town and about quality of life, but actually it's surprising that it hadn't."

She says the results show residents are understanding.

"They think the town handled it well. It doesn't make people re-think their decision to live in Tecumseh for example. It was this kind of one, well I guess it was two-in-a-hundred-year storms, but even so, it didn't make people feel lukewarm about how their council is doing, how the town is going. It's going in the right direction even so."


Tecumseh Town Hall (Photo by Teresinha Medeiros)

Welch says Tecumseh residents were happy to share their opinions, which isn't always the case.

"Residents of Tecumseh wanted to talk to us. People generally don't love getting phone calls in the evening from pollsters, but we had really strong take up. People, they were happy to at least tell us what they thought about the town. That's not always common. People had opinions, they wanted to share them and those opinions were generally pretty good."

Welch adds, with a 98% overall approval rating, Tecumseh is performing well ahead of similar sized communities.

The survey was carried out in November with 400 residents randomly called by telephone.

Click HERE for the entire results.