Tecumseh's Cada Library Reno Could Be On The Way

Tecumseh's Cada Library Branch may be one step closer to a facelift.

The Essex County Library Board recently brought a proposal to town council outlining two options, one to refresh the building at a cost of $281,000, and one to remodel it for $1.3-million.

Board CEO Robin Greenall says a cost-sharing agreement similar to the one used at the Leamington branch would need to be worked out — the town would take on capital expenses and the board would take on the rest.

"It will be a similar project in that it's going to be a renovated library where the ECLB will be updating its furnishings and computers in order to revitalize the patron's interest in the library," she says.

She says the branch definitely needs to be updated, it still houses furnishing from the '80s.

"I am excited to see it brought back to life so it can be relevant to all of our community users, we are right beside a high school and I'd like to see some activities and space that would actually draw that population into the library," says Greenall.

Greenall tells AM800 News libraries have turned into social spaces in many communities, but esthetics is just part of the plan,

"We do see a lot of families out at that space, we see a lot of tutors at that space, we're trying to bring in not only literacy through books and reading, but trans-literacy where we're addressing the computer skills and techniques that I believe our patrons in our community will need today."

She says once a dollar commitment is made by Tecumseh council a timeline for the work will be set.

— with files from AM800's Ricardo Veneza