Tecumseh's Heritage To Be Showcased At New Museum

Tecumseh's historical artifacts will now have a place to call home.

Council has agreed to a $200,000 expansion at the town's Fire Station 2 on Walker Road for a new Cultural and Resource Centre.

Sandwich South Historical Society Chair Wendy Cunningham says until now most of the artifacts have been stored in member's basements and garages.

She says it'll nice to have them all in one place. they've been working on getting a place to showcase the artifacts for quite some time.

"For the past 20 years, since the amalgamation, artifacts, furnishings and all sorts of records and photographs, never been out to display," says Cunningham. "So, we have quite a few collectibles that need to be shared and displayed for our residents. So, there will be school groups, senior citizens coming in, any user groups in the area will be able to have a spot to meet and the park is within just a few steps away that they can go and learn even more about the community. So it's a win-win."

Construction on the new 900 sq. ft. Cultural and Resource Centre is expected to begin next year with a goal of having a grand opening in the fall.