Tecumseh's Mayor Advocates For Change

Tecumseh's Mayor has a clear message for chamber of commerce members — Get ready for change.

Gary McNamara recently spoke at a Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce event at the Ciocarro Club.

He touched on how the town and region must be ready to adapt and improve on what they're doing.

But he also made it clear that the looming provincial election will likely mean change.

McNamara says municipalities rely on the province for a lot of support.

"The first change is going to be who's going to govern this province in June.  That's important to us because in my message it's very clear that we provide 80% of all services, hard and soft as well as responsible for 67% of the infrastructure and we have to pay all that on nine-cent dollars and that's basically property tax," says McNamara.

He states the current Liberal government has created a lot of challenges for municipalities, saying "you can see the struggles we have with what's transpired in the last four years, in particular, is all those additional pieces of legislation that have actually hit municipalities in a way where, a little bit here another little bit there."

McNamara hopes to be in a position to work with the province and confirms he will be running this fall to return as Mayor of Tecumseh, saying he has unfinished business.