Tecumseh's Parks And Recreation Master Plan On Display

The Town of Tecumseh is updating the public on its Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Two public meetings were held this week to go over completed work and to gather public feedback.

Director of Parks and Recreation, Paul Anthony says the plan was approved by council in 2011 and since then work has been done to improve the town's parks, recreation, trails and sports system.

Anthony says the town will have to continue to adopt changes to the plan.

"One prime example would be pickleball has really became a very popular spot which wasn't one when we did the original master plan, so we have to understand that it's something we'll have to look to in the future to help address some of the pickleball needs," says Anthony.

Residents appear pleased with the services provided by the municipality according to Anthony.

"As always residents are always interested in trails and their community parks ensuring that they can be out and be active, that they have access to those parks, that their children have facilities to play sports in so baseball diamonds, soccer fields etc," he says.

Anthony doesn't expect the town will do a full Parks and Recreation Master plan update for another 10 to 15 years but the town will continue to review the current plan every five to six years.