Tecumseh Skate Park Closed Due To Graffiti

Tecumseh is shutting down its skate park temporarily after it was defaced over the weekend.

The skate park opened four years ago behind Tecumseh Town Hall and to date, it has not been damaged.

But Sunday night, someone spray painted white graffiti on the ramps and as a result, the town is closing it.

Mayor Gary McNamara calls it vandalism at its worst.

"We are going to shut it down," he says. "Folks who are utilizing it, I know they are going to be disappointed but the reality is that this is not tolerable by no means."

The park cost taxpayers $350,000 to $400,000 and McNamara says it was kept pristine for four years until someone defaced it.

"They have to understand that it is their park, but they need to show respect for taxpayer's facilities that are given to them, to utilize."


Tecumseh Skate Park (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)

The park will be closed until the town can find a way to remove the spray paint without damaging the concrete, keeping safety in mind for future skateboarders.

McNamara is hoping someone comes forward to the OPP with information about the offenders.

The town is also looking at installing more security cameras to prevent this from happening again.