Tecumseh Surveying Residents On Town Services

The Town of Tecumseh is looking to give itself a report card on how it's doing.

A random phone survey begins today to ask 400 households a range of questions.

The Probe Research survey is the 3rd done by the town since 2014 to gauge how they're doing.

Town Director of Information and Communication Services, Shaun Fuerth, says the results have been helpful. He says the survey will ask how people view the services provided by the town.

"Level of service and what amenities within the town do you enjoy, whether it's parks or arenas or give us a score on snow plowing those types of things."

One specific issue is of particular interest to the town.

"Provision of sportsplexes is kind of a hot issue here in Tecumseh," say Fuerth. "It's something we're really hoping comes to fruition so just to get a general feeling on that."

He says the time commitment for the surveys is not that long.

"We've asked for them to be less than 10 minutes so hopefully they can give us 10 minutes of their time.  We're looking at 400 calls going out across the town in all 4 wards."

New questions this time around include voting habits for the upcoming municipal election next fall and festival attendance.

Fuerth says people can also do the survey online themselves at the town's website. He makes it clear the results of those two bodies of information will be kept separate in the final results.

The hope is to have the compiled report back to council and the public early in the new year.